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Black Background Records. We are a young and ambitious Recording Studio, born out of a man’s dream, Vincent Peejay, a dream to produce amazing vibes and cool sounds by mixing the fantastic and traditional African rhythm with cool modern bits, in order to create extraordinary music for all the tastes and ages.

We aim to bring closer together not only two continents, but also communities and cultures by creating a unique feeling and by bringing people together through dance, music, and definitely a good time, a good time to remember and to tell stories about.

In order to do that, we provide bespoke services in music industry, from recording and rehearsal studio, to artist management and event planning and organising.

We tailor all our services to our clients needs, so everyone working with us will enjoy the best time and experience of their life.



We provide you with a modern and high performance recording and rehearsal studio, with a great sound engineer and the latest generation of hardware, in order for you to create your next best single.
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Even if you started your career now, or you’re an already well known musician, we provide you with bespoke artists management and support in your career, so you can concentrate on creation, art and what matters most to you.
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Corporate, Private or Public Events, we got it all covered, with top end equipment, and a team of best professionals that will cover all the aspects of the event, so you may only enjoy your time and enjoy the beauty of your event.
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We are online on the most important social media platforms, join us and our community today!


Feel free to contact us by phone, calling (+40) 0733 034 310, or by emailing us at contact@blackbackrecords.com, but we also encourage you to use our online booking form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We’re looking forward to our future collaboration!

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